TAKE ACTION - Make your voice heard in Parliament - PETITIONS AND OTHER TOOLS

Help Peter take action in the house. Make your voices heard, and let teamwork prevail!

What can you do to help to make a positive difference? Plenty! You have influence in your community, you have family and friends. You belong to groups and organizations. There are many ways you can get involved and many effective ways of communicating your concerns. See below how you can help get things done for our region and our Country and make your voice heard and your opinion known at the House of Commons.

TAKE ACTION - You can help.

~Working with your local organizations, help organize public forums with panel discussions on issues of concern to you and to members of your community; include a question-and-answer session; organize community picnics with your neighbours to help ensure that your community is getting informed and that they have their say.

~Continue to make contact with Peter Julian, your Member of Parliament, feel free to make your feelings known to him and his staff (both in his Constituency Office and at the House of Commons) about key issues of concern, making us more aware of what is going on directly through your letters and your emails.

~You can lobby your other local politicians via letters, emails, faxes; distribute handbills. Let your local MLA and MPP know that you expect positive ACTION on their part.

~Speak to your local media. Writing letters to the editor of local and national newspapers. Voice your opinions and call attention to the issues that concern you.

~A letter to the Editor is another effective grassroots way of helping make your voice heard. It may also show your neighbours that they are not alone in holding an opinion, giving them more courage to speak out or take action themselves.

~Peter Julian's staff and your MLA or MPP's staff read this page of local papers to help determine how citizens are reacting and feeling about an issue. A timely and convincing letter to the editor can also push a newspaper to give an issue-concern more or different coverage.


~To help keep up the pressure on the federal government on issues and concerns you have and to help us advance our campaigns, you can download Peter Julian's latest petition(s). Then get the support of your friends, neighbours, people you work with and get them to sign the petition. When you have as many signatures as you can get, mail the petitions (postage free) to Peter’s Parliamentary Office in Ottawa. Peter would then table your petitions in the House of Commons.


~You and/or your organization are invited to write a letter of support and to seek additional information about the issues that concern you the most and send it to Peter Julian’s office.

~You are also invited to write to NDP Leader Jack Layton (Layton.J@parl.gc.ca), Prime Minister Stephen Harper (pm@pm.gc.ca), Michael Ignatieff(IgnatM@parl.gc.ca) and Gilles Duceppe (Duceppe.G@parl.gc.ca) expressing your concerns on issues specific to Burnaby-New Westminster and beyond.