IN THE HOUSE ~ Presenting Petitions ~ calling on a ban on oil tankers to protect our coast forever

41st Parliament, 1st Session ~ Context : Presenting Petitions

    Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): Mr. Speaker, I am very pleased to table, along with so many of my colleagues, a petition from 57,000 British Columbians who have stood up to say that we have to protect the north coast and legislate a ban on oil tankers to protect our coast forever.

    These British Columbians who are writing and have signed these petitions are from north Vancouver Island, Nanaimo—Alberni, Chilliwack, the North Shore of Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, Richmond and Surrey. They are also from interior communities in place like Kelowna, Prince George and Kamloops.

    I am now realizing that these are communities where the MPs are Conservative. Therefore, we are hoping that the government will listen to those 57,000 British Columbians who are asking that the government legislate a ban on oil tankers and protect the north coast of British Columbia forever.