Please vote for the Burnaby YOUth Hub

Every year approximately 15% of students do not complete school. In Burnaby the non completion rate for 2008 was 666 students. That is the equivalent of at least 2 entire elementary schools and approximately 24 classrooms. We lose these students one by one but the numbers do add up. These students have complicated life stories and high needs. Many come from poverty and have trouble getting their basic needs met.

The BURNABY YOUth Hub would provide this population of students with a safe place to be, support, food programs and access to transportation funds so that they can re-engage in school.

The Aviva Community Fund is one of the answers for the HUB. You simply go to the link below, watch the video called Back on Track, register and vote.

Below is a video link to a community grant application for the Burnaby YOUth Hub. Please share, post on your facebook/twitter accounts, etc. and encourage as many people as possible to vote and vote often. The proposal with the most votes gets the grant.

The name of the project is Back on Track