Peter Julian available to comment on Emerson’s Softwood Sellout

Burnaby – NDP International Trade critic Peter Julian questions the legitimacy of the so-called “softwood deal” that International Trade Minister David Emerson and US Trade representative Susan Schwab are expected to “officially” sign in Ottawa today.

“Emerson has sold out the Canadian softwood industry. This is a raw deal that will cost Canadians dollars and jobs,” said Julian. “How can the International Trade Minister ink a deal before he has the required percentage of industry support? Before parliament has a chance to vote on it? This flies in the face of democracy.”

The Conservatives said that any vote on the so-called ‘softwood deal’ would be a matter of confidence; instead today they are planning on sealing the deal before Canadians and their representatives get a chance to have an open and transparent debate about the deal.

Julian also chided the Bloc Québécois for their support of the deal.
“The Bloc doesn’t know what they are doing in Ottawa. First the Bloc supports the Conservative budget and now Gilles Duceppe has accepted Stephen Harper’s softwood sellout.”

“The facts remain this deal will still need to be presented in the House of Commons in the form of legislation. The NDP will do what the Conservatives and the Bloc have failed to do. We will stand up for Canadians and vote against the bill,” said Julian.