OTTAWA – People who lost their jobs and other victims of this recession are the losers in this budget while banks whose profits just doubled hit the jackpot, said New Democrat Leader Jack Layton.

“Budgets are about choices. Mr. Harper has chosen to enrich banks and oil companies, the most profitable corporations in the country, with billions in spending on corporate tax cuts rather than help lift seniors out of poverty by increasing the Guaranteed Income Supplement. Instead, they are promising nothing more than to consult seniors about their poverty. That's not help. That's a stalling tactic. Mr. Harper hasn’t learned anything from this economic crisis, which was triggered by a lack of regulation and reckless risk-taking by banks and financial speculators. Instead, he’s offering more of the same old policies that got us into trouble in the first place", said Layton.

In yesterday’s Speech from the Throne, the Harper government also promised that it would not raise taxes on “hard-working Canadians,” but it did just that in the budget.

“That little box on your paycheque labelled EI is where they are going to hit, starting in 2011, every wage earner and every employer in the country with $19 billion in new taxes. They’re taking from you and giving to the banks and big oil.”

The local MPs also point out that the tax burden for B.C. residents is going to be even heavier this summer when they begin paying the Conservative-Liberal Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) on everything from funerals to vitamins, haircuts and movie tickets.

“Is this the “recalibration” of government policy that Stephen Harper alluded to when he prorogued parliament? Stay the course on corporate tax give-aways and apply systematic window dressing measures to serious issues? The Parliamentary Budget Officer has estimated that three-quarters of Stephen Harper's massive structural deficit comes from his irresponsible corporate tax cuts for big corporations. The government’s own budget document reveals that this is the worst use of taxpayer's money possible,” said Peter Julian, MP (Burnaby-New Westminster)

“This budget completely ignores dealing with the environment and the most pressing issue of our time – climate change.” said Fin Donnelly, MP (New Westminster-Coquitlam-Port Moody) “This government is crippling the environmental reviews by removing them from the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and handing them to the conservative appointed National Energy Board.”

"The Conservatives fail to address homelessness and they fail to address the affordable housing crisis. There's absolutely nothing in the budget on this score, said Bill Siksay, MP (Burnaby Douglas). “It also does nothing to help families with childcare expenses. That means the Conservative budget fails Burnaby families and vulnerable folks in our community."


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