Burnaby, BC- “Canadian Auto Consumers deserve choice and competition when it comes to repair and maintenance of their vehicles,” declared Brian Masse NDP Industry, Automotive, and Border Critic, at a press conference held at a Burnaby Canadian Tire this morning where he was joined by Peter Julian, MP (Burnaby-New Westminister) and members of the auto aftermarket industry to advocate for his Private Member’s Bill C-273 to ensure consumers’ “Right to Repair.” The bill passed second reading the in House of Commons on May 13 by a vote of 247 to 18.

Peter Julian, Member of Parliament for Burnaby-New Westminster, agrees. “There are hundreds of independent shops in the province and across the country who continue to provide a valuable, quality service to car owners, and are an important part of the local economy. Other countries, like the US have managed to implement the right to repair to provide choice in service so surely Canada can follow suit.”

Mario Schuchardt, owner of Burnaby’s Canadian Tire Market Crossing store, stated at the press conference, “The Canadian auto repair industry has always had vigorous and widespread competition. This bill makes sure it stays that way.”

On board diagnostic capabilities (OBD II) were introduced by automobile industry in 1998 and are contained on approximately 59 % of the 18.4 million vehicles on the road in Canada. As cars and trucks become more advanced, the use of these computer control units is essential for the proper maintenance of emissions, safety standards, and operations. The tools and software required for repair are increasingly complex, thus creating a need for accurate disclosure and fair access to these technologies. Difficulty in obtaining this information and equipment has created significant consumer concern. The bill contains provisions that balance the need to protect proprietary information while at the same time creating a mechanism to keep robust competition in the auto service sector.

“The CAA represents 5 million motorists across the country. Our main concern on the “Right to Repair” issue is to make sure that automobile owners get the best possible service at a fair price. This bill will benefit the consumer by allowing for increased competition and consumer choice,” stated the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) in an endorsement of the bill when it was introduced.

Bill C-273, the “Right-to-Repair Act”, has been endorsed by the Automotive Industries Association, the CAA, Pollution Probe, the Retail Council of Canada, and numerous other automotive and consumer organizations.