Remembrance Week the time to end disrespect towards Veterans

New Westminster, BC. Peter Julian, NDP MP (Burnaby-New Westminster) has denounced the disrespectful actions of the Harper government towards Veterans and their families.

“Here we have a nation that mourns and commemorates the sacrifices made by our veterans, and yet the Harper government has chosen recently to give the back of their hand to the brave veterans of this country”, said Julian. “It enrages me and many other Canadians that this is happening and I am asking the Conservative government to do the right thing and make fundamental changes to our veteran’s quality of life”.

-Stop the disparity between the New Veteran’s Charter lump sum payment to veterans from Afghanistan and restore the previous pension;

-End the claw back of Long Term Disability Benefits;

-End the widow’s tax;

-End the discriminating reduction of veteran’s military pensions at the age of sixty-five; and

-Address the concerns of Agent Orange victims and other veterans who are suffering as a consequence of their service to Canada.

Gary Grigg, Team Leader for Veterans National Day of Protest, said, “You cannot bottom-line wounded soldiers. And although the Harper government appears to be trying to practice damage control by making small adjustments, it amounts to no more than petty tokenism.”

“Tomorrow, November 11, is a day of Remembrance for the fallen. Let us not forget the veterans in our communities, our cities and our provinces who fought for Canada and are still battling for justice here at home”, added Mr. Julian.

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