Budget fails to provide leadership on job creation, health care or pensions: NDP

OTTAWA – New Democrat Leader Jack Layton says the government’s budget is still out-of-step with Canadian families, particularly the sixty per cent of Canadians who didn’t vote Conservative.

“The majority of Canadians rejected the Conservative platform in the last election,” said Layton. “This continued emphasis on tax giveaways to the most profitable corporations over targeted job creation is not what Canadian families need right now.”

Layton said the Conservatives have failed to present a plan for fixing frontline health care, lifting seniors out of poverty, strengthening public pensions or rewarding businesses that create jobs. The government also released yet another set of figures for deficit reduction today, and how much they are planning to cut, but still fail to provide any detail about which services or programs they are planning to cut.

NDP MPs from the Lower Mainland were quick to react.

“The budget repeats Mr. Harper’s error to push $60 billion in corporate tax cuts and leaves an increase, of only $1.15 a day for poor Canadian seniors. The HST alone, that the Conservatives brought to BC, costs seniors at least $2 a day. What a disgrace! This Budget completely fails to people living in the Lower Mainland”, said Peter Julian, MP (Burnaby-New Westminster).

“The Conservative government’s budget misses the mark,” says Fin Donnelly, MP (New Westminster-Coquitlam & Port Moody). “It ignores the priorities of Canadians, including healthcare, rapid transit, and making life more affordable. Like the budget they presented in March, it falls far short of meeting the needs of many Canadians”.

"This budget will make life less affordable for working and middle class families", said Jasbir Sandhu, MP (Surrey North).

“It’s obvious that Stephen Harper is not listening to the voters in Newton-North Delta” said Jinny Sims, MP (Newton North Delta). “I have just come off of the doorsteps of thousands of citizens in my riding and their main concerns were decent paying jobs, healthcare, seniors care and the cost of tuition for their children. This budget offers nothing for their concerns.”

“This budget fails the people of Burnaby-Douglas on so many levels. The Harper government has no job creation plan, especially when it comes to creating jobs for the thousands of young people out of work here and right across Canada”, said Kennedy Stewart, MP (Burnaby-Douglas).

“Draining the treasury by billions of dollars every year helping out profitable oil companies and banks won’t guarantee a single new job is created,” concluded Layton. “It does guarantee money will be drained away from the things Canadians count on every day, like health care and infrastructure.”