Take a look at what Peter has had to say — and some of the legislation he has introduced — on some of the critical issues facing our families, communities and country.

On health care cuts that have led to an overflowing ER and hallway medicine at Royal Columbian Hospital - and even turning the adjacent Tim Hortons into a space to treat patients.

We said seven years ago when they moved to close St. Mary's Hospital that it would put an untenable amount of pressure onto our health-care system in New Westminster, and I think we've clearly reached a breaking point when a Tim Hortons has to be used as part of the emergency ward. At what point do we start to invest the funds that need to be invested into our health-care system rather than throwing our money away on corporate tax cuts at the federal and provincial level?

Royal City Record
March 2, 2011

On protecting our children by introducing a private member's bill in the House of Commons that would significantly increase punishment for child pornography crimes.

Those who prey on vulnerable children are committing a grave crime of abuse against a helpless minor, which causes pain and trauma that lasts a lifetime for these victims. That is why we need to send a message that this serious crime will result in long-term penalties.

Royal City Record
November 26, 2009

On how the Harper government's budget is making life harder for seniors.

Sixty billion dollars in corporate tax cuts [over the next five years] seems to be (the Harper Conservatives') priority. [The Canada Pension Plan] needed to be reinforced and [the Guaranteed Income Supplement] needs to be added in and neither of those measures were taken."

The Province
March 23, 2011

On pension and benefit cuts and clawbacks to Canada's veterans pushed through by the Harper government.

Here we have a nation that mourns and commemorates the sacrifices made by our veterans, and yet the Harper government has chosen recently to give the back of their hand to the brave veterans of this country. It enrages me and many other Canadians that this is happening, and I am asking the Conservative government to do the right thing and make fundamental changes to our veterans' quality of life.

Royal City Record
November 13, 2010

On putting an end to nighttime noise from local rail yards by introducing a private member's bill in the House of Commons that would restrict rail activities between 10pm and 8am.

The time for a conciliatory approach is over, the railway companies have been unresponsive, and now we've been forced to push for tough legislation to address this issue.

Royal City Record
October 30, 2010

On protecting your family's safety by introducing a private member's bill in the House of Commons demanding the listing of toxic ingredients in all consumer products.

This bill is long overdue — it makes it easier for consumers to make smart choices for their health. This is the consensus in Canadian society — it's fundamental, we need to know about the hazardous ingredients in the products we buy."

Burnaby Now
May 28, 2008

On making home ownership more affordable by introducing a private member's bill in the House of Commons that would adjust the amount new buyers could use from their RRSPs to the rate of inflation.

This bill would help ensure that the ability of Canadians to purchase homes does not diminish with time and inflation. RRSP contributions to home ownership must reflect the increased cost of housing. We must make sure that home buyers have access to a wide variety of options to buy their homes in a safe, fair and sustainable way.

Royal City Record
September 30, 2010