IN THE NEWS ~ Tories refuse to debate World Police Fire Games funding

Tories refuse to debate World Police Fire Games funding
By Wanda Chow - Burnaby NewsLeader

Burnaby-New Westminster MP Peter Julian tried to get support for 2009 World Police Fire Games funding in the House of Commons Wednesday but was shut down by the ruling Conservatives.

Julian, of the New Democrats, had sought the same funding for the Lower Mainland Games, $1.7 million, that Quebec City received for the same event in 2005.

Conservative house leader Jay Hill refused to give the motion the unanimous consent needed, preventing any debate taking place.

That follows in the failure of all Lower Mainland Conservative MPs to advocate on behalf of the Games, which is holding events in all the region’s Conservative-held ridings, said Julian in a conference call from Ottawa.

“It’s a motherhood issue,” said Julian. “Who would’ve thought that the Conservatives would be opposed to something that symbolically honours our police officers and firefighters and economically is good for the Lower Mainland of B.C.?”

The Games run July 31 to Aug. 9 with 26 event in Burnaby.