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In the Burnaby Now, Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dear Editor:
Re: Reality check on prorogation, Letters to the editor, Burnaby NOW, April 10

In Mr. Paul Forseth's attempt at a rebuke of MP Peter Julian's recent mailout, he neglects to mention that Mr. Stephen Harper's "routine" prorogation flushed all of his "important" crime legislation down the toilet.

This is the same legislation that the Conservatives publicly blame the Liberal senators for "watering down," and yet the Conservative senators seemed more than happy to accept the Liberals' recommendation, one of whom even said he felt the Liberal changes made the law stronger.

This is the same legislation that the Conservatives used to get elected on, but after four years it hasn't yet passed. Even some of the pieces of legislation that have passed the necessary readings haven't yet received the necessary royal assent.

Also, Mr. Forseth mentions how "nice" it was for there to be no haranguing opposition during the Olympics. Personally, I think it would have been much nicer for our elected representatives to have been doing the job of sitting in the House. They could have watched the Olympics on TV like most of the rest of us. Of course, Conservatives don't like to be reminded that they are like the rest of us, witness Helena Guergis for a blatant example of that.

Mr. Forseth and his Conservative counterparts seem to think the rest of us are so stupid that we aren't paying attention. I would like to remind him and his party that at least some of us are paying attention, and we're not happy at their double-speak and parliamentary games.

I look forward to the next election, so I can check Mr. Julian's box again. I may not approve very much of his party, but he has been a stellar representative for Burnaby-New Westminster.

Adam Scriven, Burnaby
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