IN THE NEWS ~ EDITORIAL: Lots to like about Flag Day

Burnaby Newsleader Feb 12 09
EDITORIAL: Lots to like about Flag Day

MP Peter Julian has the official endorsement of the staff at the NewsLeader.

He gains our vote and support because he brought forward a private member’s bill to make Feb. 15 Flag Day a national holiday.

While we agree with the Burnaby-New Westminster MP that it is important for Canadians to reflect on our freedom and independence, it is the idea of a holiday in February that is the clincher.

Take note parliamentarians of all stripes, in the depths of winter we Canadians need a break.

It’s true that June and August have no national holidays but in this province we have B.C. Day on Aug. 3. Besides, life is a holiday when the sun shines and the temperature climbs.

That leaves us with that long winter stretch between February and March.

Here are our top reasons to pass the national Flag Day holiday into law.

• Canadians yearning for a holiday would spend less money in Mexico and Florida.
• National productivity would actually increase because we’d sleep in less.
• Greeting card sales (Happy Flag Day) would boost retail sales.
• Sales of Canadian flags would also go up.
• People without partners would not be depressed around Valentine’s Day because Flag Day would follow.
• It would give Canadians another reason to wave the flag, something we don’t do enough.
• One less work day means less air pollution from commuter traffic.
• We’d learn more about our flag and why we have a maple leaf on it instead of a beaver.