IN THE HOUSE ~ Statement - Navigating the Waters

Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP)

Mr. Speaker, since 1997, “Navigating the Waters”, a national employment initiative of the Canadian Association of Independent Living Centres, has supported over 5,000 persons with disabilities by helping them upgrade their skills and find jobs at a cost of only $950,000 per year. It does not take a lot of math to see that this is a very good deal for the public purse.

With an unemployment rate for persons with disabilities of more than 50% and a fiscal surplus exceeding $9 billion, I cannot imagine why the government is cutting the funding to such a program as of December this year.

“Navigating the Waters” is on death row and has had so far two stays of execution. This is a real scandal.


This program is restoring equality and dignity to thousands of Canadians. I ask that the minister immediately revoke this death sentence.