IN THE HOUSE ~ Speech on Bill C-9, the budget implementation act

40th Parliament, 3rd Session

Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): Mr. Speaker, I am proud to speak at report stage on Bill C-9, the budget implementation act. This act may more properly be called the Godzilla act because it is a monster act.

They have taken a budget implementation act and they have thrown in everything but the kitchen sink to make this monstrous, multi-headed act that they are now trying to bring through the House. Fortunately, in this corner of the House, the NDP does not stand for bullying and we do not stand for these kinds of incredibly dishonest tactics. We are fighting this and bringing forward amendments that will split things off so that we do not have the Godzilla act in front of us.

Godzilla is a mythical creature in Japanese movies. At least, we thought he was mythical until we saw the Prime Minister at work. Godzilla used to run roughshod over people. These report stage amendments address that running roughshod over people. Coupled in Bill C-9 is the removal of $57 billion in employment insurance moneys that are properly owed to the unemployed workers of this country, the Canadians who paid into the fund.

They are taking out the EI surplus and basically legalizing that theft. One has to wonder what the Conservatives would do to replace that. What they did is they gave us the HST. In British Columbia, a record number of British Columbians are signing the referendum initiative. That is something that I believe British Columbians and many people in Ontario simply do not accept.

The other thing that Godzilla used to do is be very destructive of institutions and buildings. In Bill C-9, the Godzilla act of 2010, we have things like Canada Post and the AECL offered up. They are fine Canadian institutions that are being slowly destroyed by the Conservative government. In Godzilla's defence, he came out of the sea because of the toxic wastes that we being dumped in the ocean. In this case, I think Godzilla was much more environmentally inclined than the government.

In Bill C-9, the Godzilla act, we see environmental assessment being gutted. That is fundamentally important. Around the world, people are focused on what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico. We have countries moving forward and saying that we have to tighten our environmental policies and the procedures to make sure that this kind of thing never happens again.

What do the Conservatives do? They weaken the environmental assessment process. They do not strengthen it, but weaken it in reaction to one of the greatest environmental and ecological catastrophes in human history. They are moving to phase out the kind of important environmental assessments that protect our environment and protect Canadians. It is absolutely ridiculous.

That is why we are bringing these report stage amendments forward. This Godzilla monster act has to be pulled apart so that this Parliament can vote in an appropriate fashion on each and every aspect of this Conservative hidden plan that they have tried to introduce with this monster legislation.

I know I am going to be speaking more on this later in the week, but I would like to add that the idea that they would impose this HST when British Columbians are saying no and up the taxes that are paid under the softwood lumber sellout is particularly reprehensible to British Columbians—