IN THE HOUSE ~ Question Period ~ reminding the Conservative government about the facts around economic growth projections for Canada


41st Parliament, 1st Session ~ Context : Question


    M. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NPD): Monsieur le Président, voici des faits. Ce gouvernement est caractérisé par des pertes d'emplois à répétition, des usines qui ferment les unes après les autres: Papiers White Birch, Mabe Canada, AstroZeneca et Electro-Motive. Chaque fermeture crée des familles qui souffrent. Voilà ce que les politiques de ce gouvernement ont fait: des pertes d'emplois, des familles avec un niveau record d'endettement et des réductions réelles dans les salaires de 2 p. 100 depuis un an.


     Quand est-ce que ce gouvernement va mettre en place un plan de création d'emplois? Quand est-ce qu'il va se soucier enfin des familles canadiennes?


    Hon. Jim Flaherty (Minister of Finance, CPC): Mr. Speaker, the jobs and growth policy was in the last budget. There will be more in this budget, of course.


    This is the budget that the NDP, including the member opposite, refused to support. This is the budget that contained the job creation tax credit for small business, the family caregiver tax credit, the children's art tax credit, the volunteer firefighter tax credit, and tax relief for the manufacturing sector, all of that opposed by the NDP who now have the nerve to stand here and ask where the jobs plan is that they voted against.


    Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): Mr. Speaker, let us talk about economic growth. Let us look at the figure from OECD and their economic growth projections for 2012 for industrialized countries.


    Canada ranks 14th. It gets worse. When we look at the IMF data, economic growth projections for 2012 for all countries, Canada is 152nd, behind Bulgaria, behind Benin, scant comfort to families that have lost their jobs in the last few months.


    This Minister of Finance is failing. This government is failing. When are they going to get to work on a jobs plan so that Canadians can get back to work?


    Hon. Jim Flaherty (Minister of Finance, CPC): Mr. Speaker, the member opposite certainly is entitled to his point of view. He does not have to yell. I am right here. I can hear him. I hear him well.


    The reality is 610,000 net new jobs, a job growth rate of 3.7% since the end of the recession, 90% of the jobs full-time, and 80% of them in the private sector. This is the best job creation record in the G-7.