IN THE HOUSE ~ Question Period ~ on wild salmon crisis

40th Parliament, 2nd Session
Question Period

Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP):
Mr. Speaker, a few months ago, the sockeye salmon run in the Fraser River in B.C. collapsed. Ninety per cent of the fish simply disappeared.
We saw, under a former Liberal government, the costs of ignoring the initial signs of a fishery collapse. That led to the near extinction of the Atlantic cod.

We have seen zero action from the current government,
no response to the NDP action plan,
no increased funding for salmon enhancement and monitoring,
no move to close containment, no emergency summit with the stakeholders,
no rescue package and no binding public inquiry.
The silence of the minister is worse than the silence on the Fraser River.
Will the minister take real action now?

* * *
Mr. Randy Kamp (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, it is a very serious situation with the sockeye salmon. I wish he had noted as well, though, the record pink salmon returns this year and the chum return that is going on right now is also at record levels. However, this is a serious situation that requires a serious response, something other than political grandstanding. The minister has been out there and has talked to all kinds of stakeholders. She is putting together her response. I think Canadians will be pleased by this and he should wait for that.