IN THE HOUSE ~ Question Period ~ calling on the Conservatives to put in place a jobs plan for hard-working Canadian families

41st Parliament, 1st Session ~ Context : Question

    Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): Mr. Speaker, it is incredible that they betrayed the workers of Hamilton, that is what is incredible.

    M. Carney, de la Banque du Canada, comme l'opposition officielle, trouve que la bonne manière de créer un cercle vertueux de l'emploi et de l'économie canadienne est de relancer l'investissement public et l'investissement privé pour créer de bons emplois avec des bons salaires dont les familles ont tant besoin pour rembourser leurs dettes record.

    Où sont ces investissements publics? Et au lieu de son cadeau de Noël à Bay Street, où est le plan de création d'emplois du gouvernement pour les familles canadiennes maintenant au Canada?

    Hon. Ted Menzies (Minister of State (Finance), CPC): Mr. Speaker, the hon. member and his colleagues voted against a plan for jobs and the economy, not just once, but several times. They in fact vote against Canadians whenever they seem to have an opportunity.

    We have cut 120 different taxes for Canadians. The NDP voted 100 times against those. Reducing the GST for Canadians, not once, but twice they voted against that. Against the tax-free savings account that helped Canadians save for their future.

    Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): Mr. Speaker, we did not vote against a virtuous circle. We voted against this vicious circle that these Conservatives had imposed: job losses, lower wages, the highest family debt ever in our history. And what are they doing now? They are cutting taxes to banks and big oil companies swamped with profits. They do not care about the 90,000 Canadian families that lost a breadwinner this fall because of their policies. So instead of acting like Santa to Bay Street again, why do the Conservatives not give a real Christmas present to hard-working Canadian families and put a jobs plan into place for Christmas this year. A jobs plan is what Canadians need for—

    Hon. Ted Menzies (Minister of State (Finance), CPC): Mr. Speaker, there is the Christmas spirit: vote against everything that Canadians want by reducing their taxes. The NDP continues to vote against it. Through the actions that this government has taken, every family of four, an average Canadian family, has over $3,000 left in its pockets. That is a good-news story going into this Christmas season.