IN THE HOUSE ~ Question on Bill C-24, Softwood Lumber Products Export Charge Act, 2006

Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby-New Westminster, NDP)

Incredibly, Mr. Speaker, the government is now intervening in court to stop Canadians from winning once and for all on softwood lumber. Winning means that the illegal tariffs come off and every penny has to be repaid. There are no more appeals. We are months away from winning.

This means that the minister botched the discussions. It means that the $1 billion proceeds of trade crime did not have to be thrown away and it means that we did not need to give up four years of legal victories.

Why is the government blocking Canada's two final victories? Is it because Canadians will see how badly it screwed up?


Mr. Speaker, in question period today, the Minister of International Trade called me dishonest for raising facts that came out this summer in the international trade committee hearings on softwood lumber. He said it twice. It is unparliamentary and inappropriate language for the House of Commons. The minister may disagree with me, but his comments were completely inappropriate.

I would like to ask you, Mr. Speaker, to ask him to withdraw the comments as soon as possible.

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