IN THE HOUSE ~ Private Member's Statement ~ marking the 25th Anniversary of the tragic Air India bombing of 1985

40th Parliament, 3rd Session

Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): Mr. Speaker, next week will mark the 25th anniversary of the tragic Air India bombing of 1985 that killed 331 innocent men, women and children.

Sadly, Canadians are still waiting for justice to be served, and the families of victims are still repairing deep emotional wounds and fractured home lives.

Throughout almost two decades of stonewalling by the government, the victims' families have shown tremendous endurance, strength and courage. The onus is now on the federal government to ensure that a tragedy like this will never happen again.

We hope this report brings peace and closure to the victims' families. We hope the guilty face justice. However it will require government agencies to co-operate and share their information. Mostly importantly this report must be scrutinized by Parliament and implemented as a priority to ensure that the government can prevent future attacks.

I urge all Canadians to take a moment and reflect once again on one of Canada's most horrendous acts of violence. We join the families in support and solidarity as they continue to grieve and mourn the loss of their loved ones.