IN THE HOUSE~ Presenting petitions ~ Petition for the freedom of Birtukan Mideksa

40th Parliament, 2nd Session

Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): Mr. Speaker, Birtukan Mideksa, the Ethiopian opposition leader, was put in prison on December 29, 2008, by the Ethiopian junta. I have dozens of petitioners from the Ethiopian community in the region of Ottawa and 1,800 that were sent in online. They ask the Canadian government to take a very clear position that should force the Ethiopian government to release both Birtukan Mideksa and all other political prisoners in Ethiopia.

There is a very strong Ethiopian community in Canada. They are very concerned about the imprisonment of this opposition leader. That is why they have sent this petition in to Parliament. I am presenting it on their behalf. In this Ethiopian new year, I would also like to say to the Ethiopian community:

[Member spoke in Amharic as follows:] Aduru sa chu.