IN THE HOUSE ~ Presenting Petitions ~ A Canadian Memorial Museum Centre for the Korean War

41st Parliament, 1st Session ~ Context : Presenting Petitions

    Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): Mr. Speaker, I have two petitions to present today.

    The first petition is from dozens of residents of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia who appreciate all the sacrifices made by the tens of thousands of Canadians and millions of Korean soldiers who served in the Korean conflict under the banner of the United Nations.

    These petitioners call upon the Government of Canada to participate in and support the creation of a Canadian memorial museum centre for the Korean war, which would educate Canadians about this important part of our history and, in particular, about the sacrifices of those veterans to uphold the values of democracy, freedom and dignity of human rights.

    As members know, in Burnaby there is a Korean war memorial. These petitioners are asking that a museum centre be created to honour the memory of those veterans.