IN THE HOUSE ~ Opposition motion—Representation of Quebec in the House of Commons

40th Parliament, 3rd Session
Context: Questions and Comments
Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): Madam Speaker, there are two issues here.

There is the issue of the quantity of representation, and there is no doubt that British Columbia has been historically under-represented in the House of Commons. In this corner of the House we believe profoundly that that issue must be addressed. New Democrats have been very strong and prominent spokespeople in pressing both the former government and the current government to take action.

There is also the issue of the quality of representation. At one point the Minister of Finance stated that Canada ends at the Rockies. From the Conservative government we have seen the imposition of the softwood lumber sellout that killed thousands of jobs in British Columbia. It was absolutely appalling.

Most recently with the HST, we have seen another question of the lack of quality of representation from the Conservative Party. Conservative MPs from British Columbia are trying to impose the HST on British Columbians. We have seen how well that worked as 80% of British Columbians oppose the HST. There are lineups to sign the referendum initiative. British Columbians are united in their opposition to the Conservatives' imposition of the HST.

I wanted to ask the minister what the Conservative government will do to improve the quality of its representation for British Columbia? We have seen British Columbia Conservative MPs support the softwood sellout, HST and a variety of broken promises to British Columbia. What are the Conservatives going to do to address the poor quality of representation by the Conservatives to British Columbia?