IN THE HOUSE ~ Opposition Motion—Investment Canada Act

40th Parliament, 3rd Session

Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): Mr. Speaker, I am just amazed at the economic illiteracy of the current Conservative government. It is not surprising. We have a Prime Minister who learned his economics from a textbook. He never had to meet a payroll in his entire career before coming in to the House.

What the parliamentary secretary obviously does not know is that every single bilateral that the current government has signed has actually led to a reduction in exports. It does not even check its facts. It is absolutely appalling.

The other thing that the parliamentary secretary obviously does not know is that in the last 20 years, for most Canadian families, their real income has declined, not gone up. The wealthy of course are wealthier than ever. If one is a banker or if one is a corporate executive, yes, their income has gone up. It has skyrocketed for the wealthiest 20%. However, for most Canadians watching this debate today right across this country, their real income has declined, in large part, because of the do nothing attitude of the previous Liberal government and the complete incompetence of the current Conservative government on economic issues.

The question is very simple. Why do the Conservatives not take the stewardship of the economy in hand so that they can ensure that when foreign investment comes into this country it is actually in the interests of Canadians, in northern Ontario and everywhere in the country? Why do they not do their job?