IN THE HOUSE ~ Member's Statement ~ David Emerson's second anniversary as a conservative

39th Parliament, 2nd Session
Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP):

Mr. Speaker, a little over two years ago a then Liberal candidate said:

"If they get elected, they are going to begin a massive set of cuts to government programs. I'm going to be the Prime Minister's worst enemy".

But two years ago today the former Liberal MP for Vancouver Kingsway betrayed his constituents and Canadians by becoming a non-elected Conservative MP.

It was only the beginning of a long career of broken promises. As the minister of trade betrayals he has signed a softwood lumber sellout that rewards U.S. producers with $1 billion in the proceeds of trade crime so far and cost of 10,000 lost jobs here; pursued a sellout with South Korea that guts the Canadian auto industry; was out-negotiated by the tiny state of Liechtenstein and sold out Canada's shipbuilding industry to EFTA; and he is selling out Canadian values of justice and human rights by pushing an agreement with Colombia, with the worst human rights record in the western hemisphere.

Betrayals, sellout, he sure is consistent. What a shame.