New Democrat Candidates Peter Julian (Burnaby-New Westminster) and Kennedy Stewart (Burnaby-Douglas) announced today that they will continue to fight for the millions of Canadians living in poverty and trying to make ends meet.
Canada has one of highest rates of child poverty in the western world. In the recent recession the biggest corporations and well-connected insiders did very well under the Harper Conservatives, while poverty rates increased and working families found it harder to get ahead.
“Canada needs to do more. We need to address the indignity and suffering that poverty causes families,” stated Peter Julian. “Poverty compromises children’s health and limits their educational possibilities.”
“The child poverty rate in British Columbia has remained the highest in Canada for six years in a row. It is a sad state of affairs when families, despite working full-time, cannot lift their families out of poverty,” added Kennedy Stewart.
“You can trust Jack Layton and the New Democrat team to help your family get ahead. You can count on us to work with others to tackle the challenges you face,” said Julian.
“Here in BC, the best way to defeat the Harper Conservatives, reduce poverty and make life more affordable for families is to vote for the New Democrats,” added Stewart.
The candidates’ announcement today coincides with tonight’s Empty Bowls Gala at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown that both Julian and Stewart will attend. Proceeds from the Gala benefit Burnaby's Food First Committee, which works to address issues of food security and hunger.