In Memory of Jack Layton

Dear friends and neighbours,

I want to thank our entire community for your support, for taking the time to write, call, drop by my office to sign the book of condolences, which I will be offering personally to Olivia in the coming weeks on your behalf. It doesn’t matter who you are, Jack’s death touches you in some way. He was a profoundly inspiring leader.

Jack was our brother, our friend, our mentor. A man of the people who made everyone feel at home. Words alone cannot express our feelings of loss, of profound sadness, which will remain with us for quite some time. Jack’s death came as a surprise to many. For many of us we just never thought that he wouldn’t be able to overcome the cancer. There are not really any words you can use to describe how we feel.

Jack loved Canadians, and I think that’s why so many were inspired by him and attracted to him and why he was able to bring the NDP so far in the eight years he was leader. While we mourn Jack’s death, his spirit and deeds live on and will continue to inspire us. Indeed from his letter we draw inspiration and hope, as well as clear directions for the future. His legacy of hope, inclusiveness, authenticity, principled politics and goals for positive change will guide us in the upcoming months and years to come. We shall all take courage from his life and draw strength to fight even harder for his legacy.

For the first time Canadians have asked New Democrats to serve as Canada’s official opposition. We will work hard to earn your trust.

Together, step by step, we will build on Jack’s legacy and continue his fight for a better, more inclusive and generous Canada, where no one is left behind.

Peter Julian

“Another world is not only possible, she’s on the way and, on a quiet day, if you listen very carefully you can hear her breathe.” Arundhati Roy, Indian Novelist.