Campaign to Establish a Department of Peace

To all supporters of the Canadian Department of Peace Initiative (CDPI):

Bill Siksay (Burnaby—Douglas, NDP) tabled Bill C-447 (An Act to establish the Department of Peace) in 2009, that calls for the establishment of a department of peace as a full federal government department. Peter is proud to have been among the MPs who seconded Bill Siksay’s Bill C-447.

Bill C-447 is based on the model developed by the Canadian department of peace initiative. This Bill would establish a full, comprehensive department of peace as part of the infrastructure of the Canadian government, with its own minister, department and resources, and put peace at the centre of government rather than on the corner of a desk of another minister or other public servants.

There would be a voice dedicated to the promotion of peace at the cabinet table.

The department's mandate would be to promote a culture of peace and the non-violent resolution of conflict in Canada and around the world and to build institutions for long-term research policy and action for sustainable peace.

The Bill would also establish a Canadian civilian peace service to further professionalize peace work by Canadians.

A similar youth peace service is also contemplated by the Bill.

The Canadian Department of Peace Initiative (CDPI): is a non-denominational group composed of like-minded people/organizations aim for "conflict transformation by peaceful means" and the promotion of a positive culture of peace nationally and internationally. As the co-chairs of the Canadian department of peace initiative, Bill Bhaneja and Saul Arbess have noted that this bill is about the need to bring peace through peaceful means.

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