Morton, Foy and Golds Endorse NDP Candidates
Fin Donnelly & Peter Julian

Three of BC's most influential voices on the environment gathered today on the banks of the Fraser River to endorse incumbent New Democrat candidates Fin Donnelly and Peter Julian.

“Only one party has stood up to protect wild salmon from harmful open-net pens in the House of Commons and that is the NDP,” said renowned biologist and activist Alexandra Morton.

Morton was joined at today’s press conference by award-winning environmentalists Joe Foy and Elaine Golds. They highlighted Donnelly and Julian’s strong record on wild salmon issues in the House of Commons.

“Fin and Peter have been outspoken and passionate voices for the protection of our marine ecosystems and have pioneered critical legislation in Parliament to protect wild salmon,” said Foy.

“We know that Fin and Peter will continue to be strong advocates for environmental protection and sustainable job creation if re-elected,” said Golds.

In both ridings, and across BC, voting New Democrat stops the Harper Conservatives and ensures a positive alternative for British Columbians.