About Peter

Since he was elected in 2004, Peter Julian has been a strong leader in Parliament and in our community.

A senior member of the NDP team, Peter has served in various high-profile critic roles, including Finance, Energy & Natural Resources, International Trade, Industry and Transport. Three times, his colleagues elected him as caucus chair.  In the last Parliament, as House Leader, he managed the legislative process for the NDP team.

Peter has tabled dozens of bills and motions—from tougher drunk driving laws to restrictions on rail noise. His bill to eliminate toxic substances (PBDEs) used in fire retardants was endorsed by firefighters and dozens of municipalities—including both Burnaby and New Westminster—and sparked government action.

Peter has worked hard for Burnaby and New Westminster, helping over 10,000 families with federal issues such as Employment Insurance, pensions and immigration. A strong advocate for keeping good jobs in our community, he was nicknamed “the Iron Man” for his opposition to the Conservatives’ softwood lumber sellout that led to three mill closures in New Westminster.

Before politics, Peter worked as a financial administrator and was executive director of the Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing—earning consecutive Canadian Consumers' Choice Awards for Excellence in Business (2003-2004). He co-founded the Save St. Mary's Hospital Community Coalition and is a founding member of the Council of Canadians. He is a longtime member of the Burnaby Board of Trade and New Westminster Chamber of Commerce.

Born and raised in New Westminster—Burnaby, Peter’s family has lived in the area for four generations.